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Crowdrating Metamarketing decentralized agency Metabook launches a fan art Research
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The goal of the Research is to to study public opinion about the transformation of content into the Metaverse format. Just as Google digitized public libraries, we want to empower the community to do so in Metaverse. Each participant will receive experience points, and the works included in the shortlist will be awarded additionally.
Rights: All work must be your own, taken for research purposes

Do you agree to participate in Research, by providing Metabook with the IP rights?

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After the short list selected, the finalists will be chosen, by voting on the site for placement in the global XR network of the Arcona world.

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We have created a global XR ad system, to place XR/NFT objects anywhere in the world!

Selected Marketing Partners will get DAO Governance NFT

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AR-system based on Arcona technology, the global augmented reality ecosystem where thousands of developers and 3D artists, businessmen, and enthusiasts of this breakthrough technology will communicate, interact and work together.

Each month the price for Arcona ad is doubling, following the number of users.

The system is based on its own unique technological platform, which automatically generates a layer of augmented reality everywhere across the globe. This layer called the Digital Land is intended for simultaneously functioning a huge number of AR projects of all kinds - related to gaming, historical reconstructions, educational projects, and tourist attractions.
Arcona AR Metaverse
Introduction to Arcona AR Metaverse - Social Network in Augmented Reality
We have created a global XR ad system
We offer a wide range of creative services. Take a look at what we can offer to your company.
works on
Portus is an open, trustless, permissionless API oracle. It is both an Inbound Oracle and an Outbound Oracle with features designed to ensure information validity and action traceability:
  • Open because it is built from open-source software and made available as open-source software for full transparency.
  • Trustless because the network allows participants to interact publicly or privately without requiring a trusted 3rd party.
  • Permissionless because anyone can participate without authorization from a governing body. This is valid for both consumers and providers.
AR-system based on Arcona technology, the global augmented reality ecosystem where thousands of developers and 3D artists, businessmen and enthusiasts of this breakthrough technology will communicate, interact and work together
Book XR ad & special project with influencers'
Integrated XR ad + local SEO = the highest rate of organic traffic and engagement

The army of local Metamarketing agents will do localSEO and make brand activation (QR mechanics, a know-how)
Who will benefit from MetaMarketing DAO
The Meta Alliance will help you master a popular profession, learn how to interact with your audience, set goals, and create strategies.
Business owners
The Meta Allialnce will help you expand your understanding of the brand development, explore your target audience, and interact with your team.
Content creators
You will raise the quality of your content to a new level, learn how to use and combine the most modern tools for content promotion.
Metabook Alliance Advisory Board and Top Executives

Metabook is creating a sustainable ecosystem where technology and people converge. By partnering with strategic operators on 4 continents, our team is offering a range of physical and digital marketing inventory, globally.  

Along with industry experts as strategic partners, we have come together to drive economic innovation in emerging markets.

Dr. Robert Goldman
World Chairman-International Medical Commission, Co-Founder & Chairman of the Board-A4, Founder & Chairman-International Sports Hall of Fame, Co-Founder & Chairman-World Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, President Emeritus-National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), Chairman-U.S. Sports Academy’s Board of Visitors
Bruce Jeong
Al Qasimi Family Office Eurasia Representative, and Samsung Smart City Senior Expert is a Global partner in MetaAlliance
Edward Musinski
Managing Partner. Founder of Lifetime Award for healthspan innovations, a top specialist in rating and blockchain areas
Paul Bronstein
Head of Miami VR/AR/ association, Miami Metaverse
Rita Mittal
Head of INMARG Entrepreneurs Global Connect and
Genesis Multimedia Communication
Michael J. Kaldasch
MD, CEO & founder of Aimedis
Ben El Idrissi
MD, COO & founder of Aimedis
Larry Oxenham
Chief of Business Development,
researching, testing and creating trusted passive income strategies
Rory O'Neill
President of O'Neill Capital Advisors
Serge Beresnev
CTO, Head of Frontend Products. Zksync lead developer
Ina Palmer
MetaAlliance Interim CEO. Top executive at Vico Tech, Merrill Lynch and JP Morgan Chase
Brett King
Fintech influencer #2 in the world
Abhinav Garg
Technical Architect | Blockchain | AI/ML | Quantum Computing
Steffen Blau
Project Manager, Senior Consultant Accenture
Pavel Cherkashin
Chief Information Officer
Stas Ustenko
Senior Product Director
Maurizio Viviani
Chief AI Officer
Metabook NFT RoadMap
Q3, 2022
Q3, 2022
Metaverse Reserve system with influencer-triggered crowdvoting
Airdrop of DAO Governance NFTs to Ambassadors and Backers in 20 countries.
Global XR marketing platform launch
Q4, 2022
Q4, 2022
Training with no advance payment for agents in 100 countries
$MAA Token emission: half-priced and BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) pre-sales of partners' products.
40 events promoting distribution of top rated innovations.
IDO, clearing transactions of freelancers with clients on Metabook.
Top-tier companies and 0,7 mln users to be onboarded
Q1, 2023
Q1, 2023
Metabook Plato Data exchange covering 5 industries
Launching XR/VR showrooms in 20 countries, and DAO network in 100
countries, selling top-rated innovative products BNPL
Q2, 2023
Q2, 2023
Launch of Showrooms in 80 countries, connected to ORDERBOOK and DAO
Q3, 2023
Q3, 2023
DAO clans voting for innovations promo/ testing, to be delivered in Showrooms and at events (to 3 mln.Buy Now Pay Later clients)
Q4, 2023
Q4, 2023
Vesting / sales of the rest of DAO's Gov.NFTs, and vesting of Tokens from Reserve to the most active Metabook agents
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